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Grimm - The Warlock

So I completely forgot to post any pages up from this mini series that I colored for Dynamite.  I loved working on this!  The art was fantastic to color.  The artist on these was Jose Malaga.  

I just picked out a few of my favorite pages from the 4 issues.  

The previews for Damsels issue 11 came out earlier this week.  So here those are!  I was extremely happy with how this issue turned out.  Once it’s hit print I’ll show off a couple more of my favorite pages.  ^_^

Damsels is published by Dynamite Entertainment.  

Some More published Samples.

Damsels from Dynamite
Peanuts, Snarked, and Marceline and the Scream Queens from KaBoom!

Some unpublished/practice pages

Here are a few of my Published coloring samples.  Trying to see if I can get a portfolio of sorts to work her on tumblr, apologies if this gets sent to every social network I’m on. lol

So I had a free afternoon for once.  Took advantage of it by coloring this amazing Helheim cover.  I luckily saw the art posted a while back for a coloring contest and snagged it even though I didn’t have time to enter.  I knew I’d LOVE coloring it and I did!  I’ve been a fan of the artist Joëlle Jones since I first saw her work last year in House of Night from dark horse.  

It is always great fun working on something a bit different.  I’ve been coloring all ages comics for so long it is nice to change it up a bit.  Reminds me that I can actually color other things. lol

So this was just for fun and practice. :)  

Colored this amazing Poison Ivy sketch by Michael Turner tonight.  I just needed to take a break and do something a bit different.  It was so much fun.  I’m going to have to take time to do little practice pieces like this a lot more in the future. ^_^

Pencils: Michael Turner  Inks: Joe Weems

Had a blast coloring this back up for Bravest Warriors #3!  Such a fun style! First time coloring something where staying in the lines was not a requirement. lol

So about a week ago I decided to ditch my old wordpress site in favor of tumblr.  For me personally it just makes a lot more sense.  I don’t really update all that often and when I do it’s usually with images which are extremely easy to post here.  Heck everything is easy to post here!  So from now on this is where my HueVille.Net domain will point.  I lost a lot of old blog posts from the wordpress site but they were OLD and BORING anyway!  So on with the new I say!! One cool thing is that I now have a portfolio link on the main page that actually goes directly to said portfolio.  I could never get that to work right on wordpress.  So huzzah progress.  Anyway, so that’s it really.  

Hopefully you’ll be hearing from me a little more often now that I’ve made the move!

Saw this cover was posted online so I figured I’d be allowed to show it off here as well.  I went ahead and snagged the one with the logos and all that.  :)  Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake!!  So much fun!  Drawn by JAB.